SCORE data formats parsed by scorelib.

Scorelib can currently parse three formats for SCORE data. Click on the links below to view more detailed documentation about each data format.

Binary SCORE data files

Binary SCORE files are the primary data storage for the SCORE editor. These files typically have the file extension .MUS or .PAG. They are loaded into the SCORE editor with the G command, and can be saved with the SA command. In addition the NX/NB command will go to the next/previous page in an alphabetic sequence of binary data files.

PMX (Parameter MatriX) data files

PMX files are ASCII versions of binary SCORE data. Each line in a PMX file represents a SCORE item, such as note, rest, barline, clef, key signature, etc. Each line contains a list of parameter numbers for the item. Text items are an exception: their lines start with "t" rather than "16", and the text parameter immediate follows the numeric parameter line. Code 15 items also have a second line of data which contains the name of the Encapsulated PostScript file to include. PMX files can be read into the SCORE editor with the RE command. The RE command also reads in macro files, so PMX data can be mixed with SCORE commands.

PPMX (Paged Parameter MatriX) files

PPMX data is a generalization of PMX files. PPMX files can contain multiple pages of PMX data which allows an entire movement, work or collection of works to be stored in a single file. PPMX is not a native format of the SCORE editor, but is designed to be compatible for reading into SCORE with the RE or RE* commands. Reading into the SCORE editor as a macro will cause SCORE to write the individual pages into separte binary page files, using filenames given in the PPMX data.

DRW (DRAW) files

DRAW files are used to store the musical font used to typeset SCORE files. They are binary files which store up to 10 symbols per file. Typically DRAW files are stored in the LIB subdirectory, starting with LIBRA.DRW for the first 10 symbols of the musical font, then LIBRB.DRW for the next 10, and so on. DRW files can be edited with the DRAW.EXE program which comes with the SCORE editor.

PSC files

"PSC" files are used to store the width of text characters in various fonts used within text (code 16) items. They are binary files that store 163 character widths in two forms: (1) the character plus the padding space after the character that separates it from the following character, and (2) the width of the character without the padding. The second value is used to calculate the lengths of string, which considers the padded width of each character except the last one.